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A compendium of metaphysics and helpful definitions and explanations.

YouTube Videos

Want more information on what you’ve read or on these YouTube videos? Leave a comment, suggestion or question and I’ll get back to you toot sweet!  These were recorded at The Metaphysical Chapel of Life. Check out their Facebook page:

This is a speech that I used at The Metaphysical Chapel of Life using excerpts from the Master’s Thesis paper from The University of Metaphysical Sciences where I received both my Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and my Master’s Degree in Divinity. I have a couple of faux pas in it but for the most part of it, I believe it to be interesting, informative and entertaining. Please let me know what you think if this is true or not.

My video on Connectiveness, a recently coined term in regards to our connnectiveness online and through social media. My speech is about how we are all connected and I give examples to demonstrate this.


Angels among us


Angels among us

This video is entitled “How to be Divine. Divinity in an everyday world.” This was the first speech I ever gave at the Chapel and I was a little nervous. Please forgive the lip-smacking and where the camera drops for a few minutes in the beginning. I think the message is what’s important.



Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut


Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut

 The Quantum Hologram. I wrote this talk after watching Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s video “The Quantum Hologram and Remote Viewing” I was cleaning out a DVD collection that I had and came across this. I’ve also heard a lot of Dr. Mitchell because he was a well-respected astronaut and scientist that openly advocated the existence of aliens. After finding this DVD I actually did some research on Dr. Mitchell and ended up watching this on YouTube. Click on the above picture and it will take you to that link. It was very interesting and intriguing at the same time. I definitely recommend checking it out. (After you watch my video, of course.)

“Never Let Anyone Steal Your Happy” is a phrase coined by a really good friend of mine. She reminded me that the opinion of others is not what is important . . . the opinion I have of myself is what is important.     


 Be Happy 

This is dated October 29, 2017 and Halloween is around the corner. I thought I would take the opportunity to distinguish the sometimes confused and interchanged properties of Wicca and Witchcraft. 

By the time I spoke on the Third Eye, I had been attending the Metaphysical Chapel of Life for about 2 1/2 years. It has been a privilege and an honor to speak at the Chapel and I’m so excited to share my experience and journeys as I try to navigate this spiritual trek that is my life.