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Synchronicity is always at play

Synchronicity is all around us

I’ve been watching a lot of Nicky Sutton’s videos on YouTube. You should check them out. Her site is It has been incredible the number of times she’s talking about something and it happens. An example would be, I was texting with my daughter-in-law Frances about her thoughts on what moisturizer and skin care regime should I be doing because I feel like I need to step up my game is that department. As she is a makeup/cosmetic guru, she was the best person to ask.  Check her site out:  (

Do you ever think of something and it happens. Or you could be talking to someone and you say a word and then see it either on the computer or a sign. This is synchronicity and I’ve always said that it’s all around us and always at play. Now that I’ve been studying and meditating again I’ve become more aware of these little serendipitous events. 

While we were texting I had Nicky’s videos playing back to back and I found the one 15 Ways to Stop Aging and  Look Younger Right Away so I clicked on that video. As Nicky was talking, Frances sent me a text and at almost the exact same time Nicky said to “exfoliate” and Frances typed don’t forget to exfoliate. It was pretty cool. 

Later that day I was writing in my notebook about an experience I had and I referenced my friend Debbie whom I’ve been speaking with on the subject. As I was thinking about her the word “numerology” popped up on my screen. I was just thinking that moment of sending Debbie and article I had on numerology. It was like a little reminder, like, hey, don’t forget to send that article to Debbie. It’s just like Nicky Sutton says, provide information and guidance to others by sharing your experiences and raising the global vibration.   

So, I have started keeping a journal of all of the “coincidences” and “crazy timing” things that have always popped up but I now know them as the Universe, my Spirit Guides or my Angels, giving me direction. I have been paying closer attention to them and I encourage you to do the same. 


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